In an apparently mature market, with identifiable leaders, such as real estate portals and aggregators, are there any new proposals?

Consumers vary their habits and companies adapt to changes, causing that in any sector of activity, there are new initiatives with a different value proposal, which aims to cover needs not solved by existing companies.

In the case of real estate portals and online tools for professionals and real estate companies, we find several cases of start-ups and proptechs that, in some cases, have closed rounds.


The coexistence of so many real estate portals for housing advertisements, generates duplication of information, causing negative experiences in the buyer who consults the various Internet portals, and also meets with erroneous and outdated data.

This also makes it difficult for real estate companies to correctly analyze the market situation in their area.


The platform, oriented to professionals, arose from an experience of foreign buyers, who wanted to buy a house, but in the process they found different information and problems derived from the non-exclusivity.

They created an algorithm to track real estate offers and found that there was a lot of duplication, no real data on areas, not even on prices. With their own financing, they developed a, avoiding duplications before publishing properties, informing about the characteristics and areas.


It is a software that brings together information from large real estate portals, plus offerings that come from the real estate websites themselves. It is data that are purified to know the real available real estate park, without duplicated data.

This information allows a 180º vision of the information of the properties.

It uses machine learning and data science technology, which allows you to group
all duplicate ads for the same property, just like Kayak for flights or Trivago for hotels.


Create the most complete database of the sector worldwide to become the reference search engine for real estate agencies.

To develop a platform that uses artificial intelligence to classify the real estate market, eliminating duplicated ads, grouping the information, cleaning it and keeping it updated.


Companies in the real estate sector: Real estate agencies, franchises, ibuyers, familiy offices, investment funds, appraisers.

Companies can check the history of each property, its price changes and current status, and connect between them to sign agreements and collaborations that allow them to share commissions in a safe and discreet way.


  • Attraction: database to capture individuals in each area
  • History of the property for the last 5 years: price changes, if it has been sold, if it has returned to the market… It allows to know the variation in the real estate offer
  • Real-time notifications: if someone does something about the portfolio: if they publish it, it changes prices,…
  • Valuation Study: allows to generate it by neighborhood, zone and district, with a comparison to buy or rent (average sale price and rental price), analyze in depth to evaluate each property. Big data is used to analyze all the data and identify the properties by their characteristics. A “predictive price” is generated, with indicators and algorithms to know that a house has been sold.

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